The Mother Knot

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In this compelling memoir by a writer, mother, and feminist, Jane Lazarre confronts the myth of the “good mother” with her fiercely honest and intimate portrait of early motherhood as a time of profound ambivalence and upheaval, filled with desperation as well as joy, the struggle to reclaim a sense of self, and sheer physical exhaustion. Originally published in 1976, The Mother Knot is a feminist classic, as relevant today as it was twenty years ago.

  • Pages: 176
  • Published: August 1997


“A wholly original and important book…I cannot imagine a woman who would not be moved, or a man who would not be enlightened.”
Adrienne Rich

“The Mother Knot deserves a permanent place in the stirring body of testimonial literature American feminism has given rise to.”
Vivian Gornick

“Reading The Mother Knot more than twenty years after its first publication, I am struck by how contemporary this terrific book seems – it is a modern feminist classic, certain to leave its readers changed from the experience of reading seldom spoken truths.”
Maureen T. Reddy