Wet Earth and Dreams

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“In the spring of 1995, the condition I seem to have been waiting for all my life finally struck me.” So begins Jane Lazarre’s account of her transforming battle with breast cancer. Following in the tradition of her critically acclaimed literary memoirs The Mother Knot and Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness: Memoir of a White Mother of Black Sons, Lazarre brilliantly interweaves her experience of life-threatening illness with other stories of recent and past losses—most notably, that of her mother to breast cancer when Jane was a small child. From these memories and experiences, Lazarre crafts a story that is at once intensely intimate and universally healing.


  • Pages: 136
  • Published: September 18, 2000


“She has it right! Perhaps even workers in the field will learn something about how patients feel. Thank you Jane Lazarre from all of us…”
Lucille Clifton

“Jane Lazarre has always been one of our bravest writers. She once again makes an art of raw fierce honesty as she moves through encounters with pain, loss, illness and death.”
Jessica Benjamin

“A moving book crafted with exquisite care by a remarkable woman.”
Kathleen Woodward

“Jane Lazarre’s voice sustains me though the terror of my own most grievous losses. her spiraling narrative shows how grief that seemed a wall can become a door.”
Jan Clausen